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BASIC 15 300 rub

Footing – concrete slab 200 mm on the sand bed 600 mm, strengthened with concrete tape h=600 мм or with concrete blocks.

Walls — silicate blocks 375 mm, 2 storeys, binded with concrete band under the slab.

Above 1st floor - cellular slabs

Roof – cold above 2 floor or warmed for attics, covered by metal or Shinglass bitumen tiles

CLASSIC 18 900 rub

Footing – concrete slab 200 mm above concrete tape 1,5 meters in the ground.

Walls – bricks or blocks 250 mm , warmed by mineral wool 100 mm or silicate blocks 300 mm, warmed 50 mm; 2 storeys, concrete band under the floor.

Above 1st floor - cellular slabs

Roof - cold if above 2nd floor or warmed for attics, covered metal or Shinglass bitumen tiles

MAXIMUM 26 200 rub

Footing – concrete slab 200 mm above concrete tape 1,5 meters or ground floor

Walls – bricks 380 mm, warmed mineral wool 100 mm + face bricks or ceramic blocks + face bricks.

Above 1st floor - cellular slabs.

Roof in attics decorated with glued beams n finishing planks covered by any surface.

Строительство кирпичных домов с СК Инжиниринг

Call us and share your ideas. Send us fotos, pictures, plans, sketchs. Get brief consultation. Schedule our appointment.

In the meeting we define  appearance of your house. Then we produce 3D model and base drawings. Prepare estimation.

Signing contract and prepare project documetation. Establish time and conditions of payments.

Approved and reliable engineering solutions from SC Engineering and SAGOMA system

Welcome everybody on our page. My name is Konstantin, I am the Chief Architect and General Director of SC Engineering since 2001. My experience in construction began 36 years ago, back in the Soviet past. We are full cycle design-build company. In the design, we use Sagoma System's BIM technology, based on proven templates of joints of materials (compounds), work sequences and technological instructions that eliminate errors of architects and contractors and meet modern standards of thermal insulation and structural strength, which gives to our clients a positive economic effect:

1. Efficiency of an expense of energy carriers.
2. Reduced cost of construction thanks to detailed, consistent instructions.
3. Cost-effective operations of the building due to the quality achieved by well-thought-out and approved solutions and technologies.


Proficiency in construction management

Based on our professional experience since 2001, we offer an integrated approach in construction. This is a workshop designs + plan of work sequences + construction management according to methodology of construction management.  We accumulated considerable experience for 18 years, which give us possibility to create reliable, energy-efficient and comfortable houses.

Already have a project or idea you want to accomplish? We will assist you to choose from a variety of options and technological solutions, according to your budget and preferred style. Contact us and check out our offers.

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